The Boy Who Wanted to be Everything

February 2011


Once there was a little boy who wanted to climb trees

so he asked his mother politely

“Can I be a squirrel PLEASE!”


He said “Okay”

“I won’t be a squirrel because I’m afraid that I might fall”

 “But can I be a Bird and then learn how to call?”


He said “Okay”

“I won’t be a bird because I don’t have feathers”

“But can I be a Rabbit and hop among the heather?”


He said “Okay”

“I won’t be a rabbit because I don’t want long ears”

“But can I be a Fish who sharks are their only fear?”


He said “Okay”

“I won’t be a fish because I don’t like the sea”

“Here’s my best idea, I will just stay me.”




New Zealand

March 2011


I love New Zealand (not like there’s an Old).

Over there it’s warm right now

When over here is very cold.

There’s the picturesque north and the volcanic heart,

Those are only a few of the parts.

Overhead the Kaka calls, in a tree over Maruia falls,

To her darling little one,

To come and bathe in the sun.

Hike to the top of huge Mt. Cook,

I got all this from the N.Z. Book!


(Thanks, Mrs. Johnson for the book!)





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